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Our readers have taken an interest on our exciting weblog project, ‘I AM HAITI’. We had originally produced web clips of Jaffa Films staffers who are currently working on the feature documentary, ‘Blessed are the Meek’ and suggested they tell us about their love, and pride of their homeland, Haiti. However, we’d like to turn the lens on you, our supporters and share a select numbers of these videos in the feature documentary project, ‘Blessed are the Meek’. The winner of the ‘I AM HAITI’ video contest will be flown to Haiti in 2012 to record their personalized video.

The ‘I AM HAITI’ video contest hopes to present Haitians from all over the Diaspora who embody the love and humanity of Haiti. We’re excited to hear from you on topics as far reaching as childhood memories, family, community, Haitian culture and history, and Pre-Quake and Post Quake life. The Blessed team appreciates your participation in sharing, personal and honest accounts of being Haitian. Furthermore, we’ve also been inspired by the accounts from readers who told us that the disaster of 2010 presented a committed challenge for Haitians to rebuild their beloved country, by rebuilding their own lives.    For many, it’s about reconnecting to one’s past and turning a terrible tragedy into personal triumph.

It’s really easy to contribute! You can create your video using YouTube or Vimeo and send the link/URL of the video to If you create your video using your laptop or mobile phone and have a video file, please attach the file in an email to

Your video submission will be judged by a selection of Haitian scholars, artists, writers, and filmmakers. Selected video submissions will be featured on the film’s upcoming multi-media website and weblog. Please make sure to include your full name with your video submission. Each video should be 60-90 seconds long, and should feature only you, speaking right into the camera telling your story. Please start your story with the words “I Am Haiti…” We can’t wait to hear from you! And if you have any questions, please email

Submission of ALL videos, ends Friday June 8th.


The Blessed Team.

‘Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou’ – Haitian Proverb

(Many hands lighten the load)


Sean Penn’s Work In Haiti Gets Him Honored

Actor Sean Penn is being honored by a group of Nobel laureates for his relief work in Haiti following the country’s devastating January 2010 earthquake.

Penn is to receive the 2012 Peace Summit Award at the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. The event will be held in Chicago next month and is expected to draw such luminaries as Poland’s Lech Walesa and the Dalai Lama.

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Carnival 2012

Carnival 2012

Actually, Money Donated To Haiti Has Had An Undesired Effect

The first thing that strikes you is the smell: a sweet, sickly stench that sticks to your skin. It is worst in the morning, since women are terrified of risking a nocturnal trip to the handful of lavatories serving the thousands of people in the camp because of an epidemic of rape. Even the youngest girls are in danger.

I stop to chat to a young man in a green polo shirt. Ricardo Jenty says we must take care because three gunmen have just walked by on their way to settle a feud. He fears trouble; already he has seen friends shot dead.

Ricardo, 25, a father of three young children, recounts how the earthquake that hit Haiti two years ago ruined his home and wrecked his life. His makeshift tent is one of thousands crammed onto what was once a football pitch.

Ricardo lifts the faded sheet that serves as his front door. His three-week-old baby lies asleep on the single bed that fills the family’s home, while his two-year old son screams at the back entrance.

The heat under the plastic roof is so intense his wife Roseline, 27, drips with sweat as she describes living in such hell. She looks exhausted. If she is lucky, she says, she has one meal a day, but often goes two days without food, putting salt in water to keep her going.

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Where Did The Money Donated to Haiti Go?

Haiti, a close neighbor of the US with over nine million people, was devastated by earthquake on January 12, 2010.  Hundreds of thousands were killed and many more wounded.

The UN estimated international donors gave Haiti over $1.6 billion in relief aid since the earthquake (about $155 per Haitian) and over $2 billion in recovery aid (about $173 per Haitian) over the last two years.

Yet Haiti looks like the earthquake happened two months ago, not two years. Over half a million people remain homeless in hundreds of informal camps, most of the tons of debris from destroyed buildings still lays where it fell, and cholera, a preventable disease, was introduced into the country and is now an epidemic killing thousands and sickening hundreds of thousands more.

It turns out that almost none of the money that the general public thought was going to Haiti actually went directly to Haiti.  The international community chose to bypass the Haitian people, Haitian non-governmental organizations and the government of Haiti.  Funds were instead diverted to other governments, international NGOs, and private companies.

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Congratulations to our first BLESSED CONTEST winner, Jessika Smith!

Jesika just won two general admission tickets to The Blessed Project Benefit & Screening Party by accurately answering these two questions.

1) What’s Haiti’s national anthem?
The Dessalines Song

2) Name five cities/towns in Haiti?
Petion-ville, Jacmel, Cite Soliel, Croix-de-bouquets, Conaives

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Blessed Benefit & Screening Party Featured Guest: Songstress, Nathalie Cerin

Natalie Cerin

Nathalie Cerin is a singer-songwriter born and raised in  beautiful Haiti. The music comes straight from the heart and speaks directly to the soul, Addressing social issues, life experiences, and the love and concern Nathalie carries for her beloved homeland of Haiti. Her unique *KreyolSoul* style, an acoustic musical blend with neo-soul and Haitian folk
influences, truly sets the emerging songstress apart.

Meet the artist in person at The Blessed Benefit & Screening Party:

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Welcome to another edition of  BLESSED CONTEST MONDAYS.

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1) What’s Haiti’s national anthem?

2) Name five cities/towns in Haiti?


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Canadian study paints a Haiti with security on the rise…

OTTAWA — A Canadian researcher whose work in Haiti is being funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre, has found that while Haiti is still in a fragile state with many challenges, life for those who call it home may not be as bad as many thought.

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Marred Homecoming… The Plight of U.S. Deportees to Haiti


In post-quake Haiti, deportees arriving from the U.S. must do more than reaclimate to their surrounding and establish new roots, but also contend with illegal detentions and the health hazzards within prison walls – hazzards such as cholera infections.


The Miami Herald recently highlighted the plight of Haitian deportees,raising questions about the Obama administration’s adherence to policy of seeking alternatives to deportation in light of signifcant health and humanitarian concerns.

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