Omaj pou Ayiti

Lighthouse Project: Who Is Who In The Black Community

When Jean Paul moved from Haiti to Naples in 1988, there weren’t any Haitian churches with their own buildings.There are at least eight now, according to public listings.

Along racial lines, the minority population in majority-white Collier County is led by the black community, at about 7 percent. Asian and Native American-identified individuals follow, collectively accounting for less than 2 percent.

Because Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race, it is not listed as an option during the U.S. Census’s surveys on race.

There are several realities within the local black community, which includes the Haitian immigrant experience ā€” around 2.5 percent of Collier’s population was born in Haiti ā€” and the historically African-American population with roots in the area going back several generations.

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