Omaj pou Ayiti

Dr. Paul Farmer: “Transient interest” undercuts healthcare reform in Haiti

 Since co-founding Partners in Health (PIH) in the central Haitian town of Cange nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Paul Farmer has worked with Haitians to deliver medical care to underserved communities. As PIH enters a new era of collaboration in providing basic care while expanding opportunities available to Haitians, Farmer grapples with the significant challenges of health care reform in post-quake Haiti – among these the steady prevalence of cholera and waning public attention to Haiti’s arduous recovery.

For Farmer, appointed U.N. deputy special envoy to Haiti in 2009, his work in the county is an ongoing commitment, although he has recently expressed a dismal outlook on Haiti’s recovery. As construction progresses at the central Haiti site of PIH’s hospital in Mirebalais, Dr. Farmer looks forward to the facility’s opening within two years of the quake.

Click to hear Dr. Farmer discuss the subject and title of his new book: “Haiti After the Earthquake”  (NPR)


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