Omaj pou Ayiti

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Journalist of the Year, Jacqueline Charles

   On Saturday, August 6, the National Association of Black Journalists awarded Miami Herald’s Caribbean Correspondent, Jacquie Charles as Journalist of the Year.

Charles, a Haitian-Turks Islander, received this distinction in great part for her extensive coverage of Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. The Salute to Excellence Gala will celebrate Charles and other journalism honorees during NABJ’s 36th Annual Convention and Career Fair in Philadelphia, PA.

Since joining the Miami Herald in 1986 as a high school intern, Jacquie Charles completed studies at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, became a career journalist, and earned her chops in international reporting as she covered the return of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Over the years she has reported on stories in Haiti and other island nations to foster awareness and change, all while mentoring young and aspiring journalists.

“Jacquie tells stories that are often overlooked,” said NABJ President Kathy Y. Times of Charles. “As a Miami native, I appreciate her commitment to enlightening the local community and a global audience. Jacquie’s work embodies NABJ’s mission, heart, and soul.”

“Jacquie has done more to focus the world’s attention on the tragedies and triumphs of Haiti than any other reporter, sometimes at great personal risks,” said John Yearwood, World Editor of the Miami Herald and co-chair of the NABJ World Affairs Task Force along with Djibril Diallo, which nominated Charles for the honor. “Haitians tell me all the time that they owe her a debt of gratitude. This recognition is well-deserved.”



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